Offer for customers

Offer for customers

OEM services

For OEM customers, we offer services in the production of LED lighting products of own brand (private label). OEM products are based on pre - certified and tested solutions that can significantly reduce the time to implement new product and reduce resources.Production takes place in our factory in Poland in Lower Silesia on automated production lines to ensure high production capacity and quality. A major advantage of the offer over the Far East OEM providers are very short deadlines for implementation and execution of production orders, world-class quality and flexibility in responding to the needs of our customers.

ODM services

Using our experience and know-how, we offer design services and implementation in the production of dedicated LED lighting products according to the Customer's specification. The scope of the offer includes dedicated LED modules, power supplies and LED drivers, controllers, sensors, wired and wireless control systems. Our ODM service is addressed in particular to the manufacturers of lighting fixtures and specialized lighting products.

The complete path to implement ODM includes:

01 Customer's requirements

  • analysis of Customer's requirements and feasibility study

  • developing the design concept and technology

  • Customer’s product specification

02 Preparing offer and contract

  • analysis and optimization of the product cost

  • formulation of tooling costs

  • presentation of proposals, negotiating contract with the Customer 

03 Design

  • developing a 3D design concept of the Customer’s product

  • design iterations in cooperation with the Customer

  • approval of the design project

04 Designing LED emitter and optical system

  • choice of LED emitter

  • drafting of the optical system

  • numerical simulations of light propagation

05 Mechanical design of the product

  • mechanical design

  • numerical analysis

  • technological optimization of design

06 Thermal Management

  • calculations and modeling 

  • numerical simulations of temperature distribution

  • estimation of LED durability and reliability of products

07 Electrical design

  • preparation of schematics

  • design of printed PCB circuit boards

  • integration of 3D models of design elements

08 Prototyping

  • prototyping of printed circuit boards

  • execution of mechanical elements with rapid methods 

  • submitting prototype for the approval of the Customer

09 Prototype testing

  • photometric and electrical measurements

  • measurements of EMC, LVD, ESD pre-compliance

  • verification of parameters and design assumptions' compliance

10 Execution of tooling

  • preparing tooling documentation 

  • numerical simulations of the flow of material in the injection mold

  • software for production line and testing systems

11 Testing i validation

  • manufacturing of the test batch out of target tooling

  • product validation and CE/FCC certification testing 

  • submitting the batch test for the Customer’s evaluation

12 Mass production

  • purchase of components and materials

  • organization of resources and production planning

  • deliveries according to the agreed schedule

13 Quality tests

  • 100 % production control

  • output statistical process control according to AQL

  • PDCA process of continuous improvement

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