LED modules in LEDECCO offer

LED modules in LEDECCO offer

LED module is an innovative solution providing the ability to create a variety of lighting applications. We offer a wide range of our LED modules of different uses, shapes, performance, color temperature and power supplies.

The offer of standard LED modules is presented in the form of a product family consisting of three basic geometries: square modules - QUADRO family, round modules - DISCO family, rectangular modules - STRIPEC family.

Within these families there are modules with various types of power supply: Constant Current, Constant Voltage, and AC 230V.

We particularly recommend our AC modules powered directly from 230V, which do not require any additional power supply, reducing the size, weight and cost of the entire system solution. Patented  AC power sequential technology significantly exceeds classical solutions based on the SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) dominant on the market today with its reliability due to the total elimination of electrolytic capacitors from their design. Those capacitors, which, due to the processes taking place in the chemical electrolyte degradation, usually limit the lifetime of the power supply, and ultimately the entire lighting product. The effect of limiting the lifetime of the product through the supply system is particularly critical in LED lighting applications, in which the power supply is usually operating in conditions of high ambient temperature, which further accelerates the degradation processes occurring in the power supply with SMPS.

Offered LED modules supplied directly from the 230V do not contain electrolytic capacitors and other components subject to chemical erosion and thanks to this fact high durability of the entire solution results directly from the parameters characteristic of the LED semiconductor technology.

Apart from standard modules, we offer individual designs of LED modules tailored to the needs of our clients. We specialize in the design of LED modules and electronics to control LED lighting. We manufacture LED modules on substrates: ALUPCB aluminum, copper COPPERPCB, ceramic, glass-epoxy laminate, and flexible circuits FLEXPCB.

We offer LED modules which may contain integrated control wire on board (0-10V, DALI, KNX) or wireless (eg. Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi, ISM), and can be adapted to work with optical systems (lenses, reflectors, diffusers) shaping the characteristics of the directional light.

In order to make our LED modules meet specific requirements as for exposure to environmental factors or electrical insulation parameters, modules can be additionally covered with specialized conformal coatings based on polyurethanes and silicones, and embedded in dedicated cases with light alloys (aluminum, magnesium) or thermally conductive plastics.

Our modules are successfully used as components of lighting fixtures, LED lamps, home appliances and consumer electronics.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of standard LED modules and to contact us directly at design@ledecco.com or tel. +48 795-501-728, in case of interest in the development and implementation of dedicated solutions.

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